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Project-48: Construction of Half Underpass on Outer Ring Road between Gopalpur Red Light-Jagatpur Bridge


Name of Project

Construction of Half Underpass on Outer Ring Road between Gopalpur Red Light-Jagatpur Bridge


Name of the Agency




Dhrupad Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


Copy of Proposal /Presentation

 Conceptual plan of Underpass


UTTPEC Processing

The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II-B meeting under the Chairmanship of Secretary, PWD on 02.12.2016.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-B meeting are as follows:

Background & Proposal


            EE, F-11, PWD, vide letter dated 16.11.2016 submitted the proposal.  The details of the proposal are as follows:-


The study corridor is located in North Delhi which starts from Gopalpur traffic signal  – Jagatpur bridge on Outer Ring Road and ends near CNG Pump Gandhi Vihar.  Corridor has two major intersections leading to major settlements namely Gopalpur & Jagatpur.  Study intersection is located on Outer Ring Road between the Wazirabad & Burari intersection. Presently, a proposed flyover is under construction at Gandhi Vihar intersection that will provide a through flow of traffic from Signature Bridge or Wazirabad  and going towards Jagatpur main road or Burari Parallel road.  After the construction of proposed flyover, there will be no node between Wazirabad intersection and Burari Intersection. 


            Various options were presented by Chief Project Manager, F-1, PWD in this meeting.  Meanwhile, a joint site inspection in respect of construction of underpass at both sides of Gopalpur red light and pedestrian underpass at Gandhi Vihar red light was made on 15.12.2016 in which the representatives of PWD, GNCTD, Delhi Traffic Police and UTTIPEC were present.  In the site inspection, it was decided that the new option of having underpass on both sides of Gopalpur red light and pedestrian underpass at Gandhi Vihar bridge is better option Option-1 (Recommended).




It was recommended that the above option discussed during the site visit may be uploaded on UTTIPEC website for community feedback.


Observations of The Governing Body dated 22.06.2017:

It was observed that the pedestrian may cross the Outer Ring Road at grade. To discourage this jaywalking and to encourage the use of the proposed pedestrian underpass it was suggested to install high railing on central verge.


 Decision of The 54th Governing Body dated 22.06.2017:

Based on the above observations, the above proposal was approved.


Date of Uploading the project




Additional Details

Executive Engineer

Flyover Project Division, F-11,


Mukarba Chowk,

New Delhi-110033, Tel: 011-27691180

Email id- eepwddelhif11@gmail.com

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