Project 13- ITO : Urban Renewal

    1. Name of the Project ITO COMPLEX Plan- Integration and Implementation
    2. Name of the Agency DSIIDC( Delhi State Industrial
    3. Consultants Nila A Nila Arch.& URBAN Design
    4. UTTIPEC Processing

    The Concept Proposal of Pilot Project for Indra Prastha Complex (ITO) was approved in principle by the Governing Body on 19.2.2010 with the direction for proceeding with the preparation of detailed Plans as per Short and Long Term targets. All the concerned agencies were to participate in the process to work out the detailed feasibility for each component of the proposal.

    In the 34th Governing Body Meeting held on 20.1.2012 explaining the proposed integration of 4 redevelopment projects of GNCTD addressing the major Urban Design and connectivity issues.

    UTTIPEC Governing Body in its meeting held on 10.4.2012 under the Chairmanship of Honfble L.G., Delhi accorded its approval in principle, based on certain observations.

    DSIIDC to work out in detail an integrated development/network plan which will be coordinated, monitored and approved by the UTTIPEC before implementation of their building projects.

    5. Copy of the plan /presentation
    6. For additional details

    Kindly Contact:

    Chief Project Manager (RGP]1)
    Technical Center Building
    Wazirpur Industrial Area. Delhi]110052
    Chief Engineer
    DSIIDC eNfBlock
    Bombay Life Building
    Connaught circus
    New Delhi]110001